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Fontem's General Terms and Conditions of Service

The following Terms and Conditions of use of the web site, in conjunction with Particular Constraints related to individual situations, regulate in a detailed manner the relationship that results between all users and fontem, including those who buy or sell services through the site.

Fontem reserves itself the right to modify the presentation and configuration of the site at any point in time, without prior notification and in a unilateral manner.
The uploading of material and full participation in fontem, including; consulting Speakers, inscription to newsletters and purchase of services, implies the full acceptance of each and every Term and Condition specified by the site. This acceptance also includes Particular Conditions determined for individual cases

Fontem can, at all times, alter the General and Particular Terms and Conditions specified, by publishing the modifications it deems necessary and convenient for the site so that all users are informed of the changes.
In order to enjoy all the rights entrusted to a Participant of fontem, the user must upload on the site her/his CV. This rules for Speakers as well, in order to offer the users the opportunity to be more acquainted with who presents experience and knowledge, and for the Participants, in order to foster an efficient, fluent and trustworthy exchange
Privacy protection regulations
The user exercise full Access to data collected in the site, as well as the rectification and canceling of them.

Fontem is committed to protect personal data submitted by users, and adopt any and all measures in its power to keep this data from being altered, lost or used/accessed in a non authorized way. In the event of including mail boxes, fontem will not others have access to them. The exchange of messages between users will be forwarded without mailboxes unless they are voluntarily given by the owners in the body of the message.

Industrial and Intellectual Property protection
The entire content displayed on this site, and in particular; designs, texts, graphics, logos, icons, software, commercial names, brand names, drawings and any other symbol or sign susceptible of being used in a commercial way, are protected under copyright regulations and law of fontem and associates.

By no means it shall be understood that there is any kind of license agreement, surrender, transmission, total or partial cessation of these rights, nor are any of these rights conferred, especially in terms of; alteration, exploitation, reproduction, distribution or by public communication of the given contents, without express and prior authorization of fontem or of the corresponding author/s.

Fontem's Accountability Statement
Fontem will be accountable for damages the user might encounter as a consequence of the usage of this site, when these can be attributed to a willful act of Fontem. The user acknowledges and accepts that the usage of this site, as well as purchases of products by means of this site, is performed under his own risk and responsibility.

Fontem will not be liable for damages that are not only limited to but also include any action that could be derived from:

  • Inferences, omissions, interruptions, electronic viruses, damage and/or disconnections of the proper functions in the site’s operating system or in the hardware of the users that impede or delay the realization of requests or navigation in the site;
  • Delays or blockages caused during use, by deficiencies or overload of the Internet as well as in other electronic systems, that are caused by a third party by means of illegitimate intrusions outside the realm of this site and that are not attributable;
  • The impossibility of supplying Services or providing Access due to reasons not imputable to fontem, caused by the user, third parties or situations of force majeure.

Fontem, does not control at large, the usage the users make of this site. And, it does not guarantee under any circumstance that the site is used in accordance to the law and to the General Conditions stated, , as well as with morality and good manners as generally accepted and in public order, nor if it is done with diligence and prudence.

Fontem does not proclaim complete knowledge, nor does it seek to obtain this knowledge in every theme present in the site. For this reason, fontem cannot be claimed responsible for the truthfulness, stringency or quality of the contents here displayed. It is recommended that all users view these materials critically by making use of total or partial ratifications as deemed necessary, with other sources of information.

User Obligations
The User, in general terms, is under the obligation of complying with the General Conditions determined, as well as with the special and specific warnings and instructions directed by fontem for the proper use of the contents in this site. Users must also act in accordance with the law, proper conduct and good faith, using, with adequate diligence, in regards to the nature of the services provided refraining from using this tool to damage, deteriorate or hamper the normal functioning of the site, the assets or rights of fontem, its suppliers, all of the users, and in general, to any third party.

Specifically, and without implying any restriction what so ever to the user obligations stated above, the user is under the obligation to:

  • Provide data required for on registration in a truthful and honest way as well as maintaining this information up to date.
  • Desist from introducing, storing or disseminating, in or from this site, any information or material that were defamatory, abusive, obscene, threatening, xenophobic, inciting violence, discrimination based on race, gender, creed, religion, or in any manner which threatens public order, fundamental rights, civil liberties, the honor, privacy or image of others, and in general, the valid norms.
  • Participants may not introduce, store or publicize through this site, any form of content that violates copy right regulations or the privacy or industrial and commercial information that is not meant for public knowledge, as well as any kind of information which is not legitimately owned to publish in correspondence to the existing laws.
  • Adequately guard the user name and password entered upon registration, as an identification element that grants full access to this site, committing to not give these to other individuals permitting access to third parties, as well as being accountable for damages stemming from the misuse of these elements of identification. Furthermore, Participants will immediately communicate the loss and any known risk in terms of access security (user name or password) by a third party to fontem.
  • Participants may not, without explicit authorization from fontem, incur in publicity transactions as well as promotional actions and any kind of commercial endeavor through this site, restraining from the use of contents from fontem, particularly when regarding information transmitted via the website in order to publicize or send messages with the aim of selling directly to fontem’s associates, or with any other commercial interest. Participants may not retrieve or store personal data from third parties at large through this website.
  • Participants will not use false identities or replace that of others while using the website, or in the using or acquiring of any of the services provided, including the usage of user names and passwords of others for any reason whatsoever.
  • t is prohibited to alter, disable, harm or destroy fontem’s data, information, programs or electronic documents, or that of its suppliers or any other associate.
  • Restrain from storing, or distributing via this web site; computer programs, data, viruses, passwords or any other material prone to cause harm to the site, to any of the services provided in it, or to the equipment, systems or network belonging to fontem, as well as to any of the users, suppliers, contributors, and in general terms to any third party. Users must equally refrain from using any form of endeavor that might cause damage, alter in any way or impede the normal functions of all the above.

Fontem exhorts Speakers and their agents/representatives, to restrain themselves from uploading documents that have any sort of limitation in terms of its appropriateness for public viewing from an authorship and copy right perspective. Fontem is not responsible for the decisions that can be made by Presenters/Speakers infringement of such exhortation.

Notwithstanding the above stated, fontem provides a specific additional place on the site for Speakers/Representatives to upload an outline of other works used as reference, that cannot be published, to consult with the use of a password. Speakers may not use this area to send documents, in accordance to ruling legal regulation.

Fontem does not take responsibility for any deviance to the established norms its users may incur in.

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