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fontem cooperates with the dissemination of cutting edge knowledge in the areas of Investigation, Innovation and Development in all Social areas at large.
The latest advances, in any area of knowledge, are usually set forth to specialized communities in Congresses, Conferences and other events of the like.fontem organizes these in a vast Library that grows by the hour, for you to make use of whenever you wish.

In order to have access, not only to the Working Papers, but to vast additional information on each speaker, including his/her CV and other publications, users must register as Participants. Participants also have the right to access the Calendar with the Speakers' coming participation in future events as well as interviews conducted. In addition to this, Participants are allowed to contact the speakers, organizers of events and with the rest of the participants belonging to fontem.

To be a Participant, the user need only register for free in fontem providing some necessary personal information, and if possible, his/her CV. The reason for this request is to foster fluid and effective exchanges between members whose profiles are available to each other to consult.

Fontem also helps foster and coordinate efforts for the ensemble of Congresses, Conferences and any other event disseminating Papers/Documents on Investigation, Innovations and Development.

The information provided by those who organize the events is made available freely by fontem to its Participants. Thus, a global Calendar of events is structured by theme and geographical location. This translates into being tremendously effective as a search tool given the lack of superposition of events due to similarity of content, equally benefiting Organizers, Speakers and Participants.

Fontem intends to transform into a friendly site for Speakers when traveling abroad for their Presentations, offering an interface of communication that is useful, and accessible from every corner of the globe.

Finally, fontem expects to foster the highest degree of synergy among Organizers, Speakers and representatives of an event, as well as with providers of services, participants and all others that work for societies’ progress .

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